Broxbourne News Printers

A short film exploring the process that goes into printing newspapers.

I cut this from the rushes of a commercial shoot ( The footage was too good not to. The machinery, the engineering, the sheer scale was all spectacular. The most surprising thing though, was how mechanised it was. It was, sadly, almost entirely automated with just a handful of people running it. It goes without saying that most newspapers are printed in the dead of night, as such there was a real sense of eerie solitude there — huge complex machines going about their business, with minimal human intervention, in the middle of the night.

Directed & edited by Matt Simmonds
Sound design & music by Echoic
DoP: John Hoare
Timelapse photography: Glen Milner
Colourist: Jim Bracher, The Mill

Shot on location at Broxbourne News Printers in North London on a Sony F55 and Canon 7D.